It’s ok if you aren’t sure what you need! I’m here to go over options, pricing and benefits, so you get a custom plan that’s right for you! email me and let’s chat!

What everyone gets FREE!

Every potential client gets a 15 minute skype, phone or email chat about your business and what you are looking for from a new branding package.  I will give you my honest opinion about my different products, what your business needs now, and what I think you will need down the road.  This call does not cover design, marketing, or SEO. This is an awesome option if you feel completely lost. I schedule these calls on Monday and Thursday between 1-4 central time. Please email me for more info. Please, this is for serious inquires only.

Branding, SEO, Marketing or Advertising Guidance, FREE for all paying clients

Not only am I a small business owner, I’ve designed dozens of sites for owners. I understand the money crunching, late work hours, trouble making decisions, and problems balancing life and kids, as well as the basics in marketing and advertising to YOUR potential clients.  During our design call and throughout your project, I will help guide your project and answer any questions you may have.

WordPress self-hosted designs, starting at $2200

WordPress is most well known as a blogging platform, but it’s WAY more than that! WordPress offers everything from a basic one page blogging site to a large scale site with special features like shopping carts and forums. I love WordPress because it’s easy for clients to learn, it offers a great admin panel (you don’t have to pay me for updates to pages), it continues to develop new technology, it’s easy on the mobile platforms, need I go on??

*Custom WordPress site, powered by Genesis and WordPress

*Initial meeting, mood board, hand-holding:) and collaboration

*Custom, unique design elements including: header, background, sidebar titles, social icons, navigation, buttons, sidebar tabber, splash home page, iphone icon, favicon, special graphics & fonts as needed

*sidebar social feeds, page(s) installation, site organization, share & pin it buttons,  feedburner & analytics, contact form(s), training ebook


WordPress for bloggers (self-hosted), starting at $750

An option for bloggers only, who will run posts on the home page, and have minimal additional pages. This includes the goodies listed above, but it on a MUCH SMALLER SCALE.


WordPress Add-ons

*domain email & google apps, email migration $175

*Content migration from blogger or html site starting at $150

*hourly edit/design $50/hr


Blogger design, starting at $685

Blogger is a free Google product. It allows free hosting and a free .blogspot domain, or you can upgrade to your own domain for only $15ish a year. Blogger has some great perks and a few limitations. You can learn about those in my post here.  

*Custom template

*initial design meeting, mood board, hand-holding & collaboration

*Custom & unique design elements including: header, background, sidebar titles, social icons, navigation, buttons, splash home page, iphone icon, favicon, special graphics & fonts as needed

*sidebar social feeds, page(s) installation, site organization, share buttons


Logo design, starting at $435

A good logo design sets the stage for your entire branding package and advertising campaign.  I’m a huge fan of doing things right the first time. So here we are, at the beginning. Ready to dive in?  Learn more about logos in my 31 Days of Branding series.  Each GOC logo features custom-designed art and graphics. That means you get something totally unique from my illustrator, Joy. You own the total rights to this graphic and the logo as a whole.

*design mood board describing the look & feel of your brand

*unique fonts, colors, patterns & style

*tagline guidance

*3 looks, 2 revisions, and 1 final design


Shopping Cart design, Big Cartel, starting at $395

*custom design to match blogger or wordpress, or stand-alone design

*includes rotator (3 images), static pages, social icons

*set-up and install on account

*domain name re-direction

*matching facebook cover photo and app installation for easy shopping

*additional help with graphics, images etc, can be requested at an additional cost


Ala Carte

Having a great brand presence doesn’t end with a website, it requires other various materials for print and web. What do you need exactly? Well, that depends on what you do…but here are a few that I get requests for most often. Not see exactly what you need? Email me and I’ll be glad to help!

*etsy banner $40

*facebook banner $40

*Ebook – starting at $125

*small print product $60

*craft show banner (standard size) $95

*Brochure $125-$250