Vintage 8 Decor

Happy new design Friday! Hope you’ve had a good week! I have a real treat this week, a fun new logo and blog design for Shelly of Vintage 8 Decor.

The 8 in this logo represents her son’s sports number, and when combined with swirly and vintage fonts, it produces a very upcycled look…perfect for Shelly.

Her blog design also features a special section for her new home remodel, a journey I’m really excited to follow!

I also helped move her site from Weebly, transfer a domain and point it to her new blogger site.  Whew:)

Look at her awesome furniture…I’m in love…

And here are a few of my favorite site elements…

Be sure to check out Shelly’s site here!


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  1. I LOVE this! Looks amazing, as usual. ;)

  2. Hi! I just found your blog and its great! I’m loving the font used in the word Vintage above!! Could you tell me what the name of that font is? Thanks so much!

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